Pioneer District Quartet Champions Association

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QCA Awards

Glenn Van Tassell Award

2006 Special AwardGlenn Van TassellHonoring Glenn Van Tassell
Glenn Van Tassell (for which this award was named) was a two time International Champion, Chorus director, Judge and promoter of Barbershopping throughout the Society.
Presented to wife Donna
2006 Special AwardBill WickstromHonoring Bill Wickstrom
Bill Wickstrom also was an active quartet member (top 15) and long time promoter of Barbershopping in the district.
Presented to wife Maureen
2006John WearingJohn has been a District and Sr Champ. He has been an active member of QCA since its inception. John has served QCA in many capacities.
2007Russ Seely 
2008Al FiskAl is active in judging and has been QCA secretary and continues to serve as needed.
2009Denny GoreDenny is a four time district champ and has 7 international medals. He also is a two time medallist as a Senior. He was the Webmaster from the time QCA was formed until his passing in December of 2012.
2010ChordiologyChordiology won the district championship in 2007. Since then they have worked hard to coach choruses and quartets. They have set an example for all of QCA by their encouragement and genererosity.
2011Roger Lewis 
2012Marv Burke 
2013Carl Dahlke 
2015Jack Slamka 
2015Scott Turnbull 
2018Jamie Carey 

QCA Members in the Pioneer District Hall of Fame

Hal BauerRaleigh BlochBrian DunckelPaul EllingerAl FiskEd Gaikema
Roger LewisMike O'DonnellLarry ParkerTom PollardPower PlayRuss Seely
Robb SmithJim StephensGlenn Van TassellJohn WearingBill WickstromJamie Carey